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the hills + family.

The Hills. 12-14-269

<><The Hills. 12-14-304Hill '14 -  Split 1

><><The Hills. 12-14-78The Hills. 12-14-103><>

The Hills. 12-14-212Hill '14 - Split 2

<>The Hills. 12-14-340

><><The Hills. 12-14-417The Hills. 12-14-434

><The Hills. 12-14-536

Hill '14 - Split 3The Hills. 12-14-672

><><The Hills. 12-14-602The Hills. 12-14-638The Hills. 12-14-616

><><The Hills. 12-14-796

><The Hills. 12-14-982

The Hills. 12-14-1044

><The Hills. 12-14-918

><><>Hill '14 - Split 4

<>The Hills. 12-14-1128

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your authentic journey.

Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-35

Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-140Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-166

Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-217Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-209Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-230Michelle split 1Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-311Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-443Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-427Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-449Michelle Crank. 10.28.14-504

I am always grateful when running into folks and getting to hear about how prints of mine, that have been purchased at local art markets, have found their way onto their walls and into their homes!  And Michelle is no exception. We briefly met  at one of Porter Flea’s Summer Market’s and with over a  year in between she reached out to me recently as she is beginning her new journey as a life coach, and wanted some shots to help share her vision for her business.  And I must say, I am very honored to get to be a small part of that journey.

Michelle truly is as authentic as they come – as we adventured around Nashville taking photos, but more importantly laughing and chatting, I got to experience just a small piece of her deeply supportive and authentic nature. She manages to put you at ease almost immediately and  as you talk it becomes clear that she fosters a comforting authenticity in her wisdom.


“I desire to see us all push a little bit harder, enter in and truly know our hearts.  Providing love, support, guidance and gentleness so clients can face fears and embrace authenticity is deeply fulfilling.  I honestly believe that life is a journey and so many times, we just need a little bit of support to get through it and find our path.  Coaching gives me the opportunity to truly know individuals and encourage them to achieve their dreams, even when that doesn’t quite feel true to my clients in the moment.” – Michelle Crank


Visit her here to learn more about beginning Your Authentic Journey with Michelle.

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The Wright Family.

Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-4


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-5


Wright Family Split 1


Wright Family Split 2


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-52Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-69


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-83


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-107


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-138

Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-125


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-210Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-206Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-208Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-223


Wright Family Split 3


Wright Family Split 4Wright Family Split 5


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-280


Wright Family Split 6

Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-351


Wright Family Split 7


Wrigh Family. 10.19.14-412  ><><><<

It’s hard not to smile while scrolling through these loving faces. I had so much fun adventuring around their favorite place, Shelby Park in East Nashville, with the Wright Clan!
Cheers to you Jill, Jonathan, Anderson & Nathan!
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new york. new york.


Friend Trip 2014-914Friend Trip 2014-951

>><><>B10M Split Forty TwoFriend Trip 2014-940


Friend Trip 2014-892

>><><>B10M Split Thirty Nine


Friend Trip 2014-986B10M Split FortyFriend Trip 2014-974

<><><<B10M Split Forty FiveB10M Split Forty SixB10M Split Forty Seven

>><><>B10M Split Forty Eight


B10M Split Forty Nine

the above images are from my time photo adventuring around the city while visiting my dear friend Amanda. my two favorite things from this trip were walking the highline & attending a mortified show. the highline  is a “public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. It runs from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues.” it is a truly unique way to experience the city. exploring the highline spoke deeply to the photo adventurer in me as i was surrounded by the juxtaposing harsh city skyline and beautifully gardened greenery that guided you along the city.

mortified is a live show in which adults bravely step on stage to share entries from their childhood diaries. thus the name, mortified. luckily it is more hilarious than it is mortifying. i was first introduced to mortified through their documentary, made available on Netflix titled Mortified Nation. as someone who themselves has many a mortifying journal entry (an entire box full to be exact) filled mostly with the woes of middle school crushes in excruciating detail, i was mesmerized by this concept. it’s an amazing thing to watch as adults vulnerably bare their souls and stories as they were written by their teenage selves.  following watching the film i curiously looked online for live showings. to my delight, there was a show happening the very day i would be in nyc. coincidence? i think not. i coaxed my friends to go, and i can’t speak for them but it lived it up to my expectations. i laughed for three hours straight. stories included reading aloud one person’s mickey mouse club fan fiction, she wrote as a fourteen year old. it was hilariously risqué as she described her life as fellow musketeer, who not only invented the forwards running man, but also had a riveting and sensual relationship with one of her fellow musketeers. it was perfectly passionate & confusing in the way only a 14 year old could portray such a fantasy life. no matter what the topic, each story carried a familiarity that left the audience completely engaged & entertained.

do yourself a favor and watch Mortified Nation & if you have the chance go see a show. unlike some of those journal entries, you won’t regret it.